Sandro had his ears removed to look like a skull

Only you care about how you dress. You can appear as you want as long as you are an adult and no one is harmed. Your physical appearance is merely a glimpse of who you are as a person. The interior is what matters.

Some individuals, however, desire to stand out from the crowd, and Sandro, a 39-year-old German, is one of them. According to reports, his dream is to resemble a skull.

Sandro resides in Finsterwalde, Germany. He has a great interest in tattoos and body modification that dates back 13 years.

Sandro has undergone over 17 operations, involving implants in his brow, arms, and hands. He also has a cleft tongue and his ears have been removed.

All with the purpose of looking as much like a skull as possible. Mr. Skull Face is well-known on the internet.

Sandro has spent almost $7,000 on improving his appearance. Sandro’s most complicated and famous procedure was the surgery to remove his ears in 2019.

At home, he preserves them in a jar.

Sandro’s outlandish looks draw a lot of attention across the city.

Sandro explained that he doesn’t mind if people look at him. If someone says to him, “you are a sick old guy,” he will respond, “thank you for the compliment.” Negative remarks enter one side and exit the other. Above everything, it has boosted his self-esteem.

Despite having had so many surgeries, Sandro wishes to keep transforming his physique. He then intends to get surgery on his nose and tattoo the whites of his eyes.

Sandro is now a single man who has been unable to find work owing to his looks.

Sandro explained that his look has had a significant influence on his career prospects since many organisations are still quite conservative and like to go with the flow. He believes it has had an influence on him finding a relationship, since it terrifies most folks off, but many others also find it quite intriguing.

Sandro also cautions those who are thinking of changing their bodies.

He added that above all, never do anything simply to be more outspoken or trendy with it; it needs to come from the heart and be for oneself.

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