School Sends Girl Home In Her Panties, Fed-Up Dad Hires Lawyer And Demands Justice.

Jennifer and Raymond McCurdy are up in arms. When their kid wanted to use the restroom at Belle Terre Elementary, she was reportedly ignored. The distressed father revealed that his daughter has medical concerns that make it hard for her to “hold it” when she wants to use the restroom.

When she raised her hand to request an excuse, the instructor ignored her request until it was too late, and the youngster soiled herself in front of the whole class. The kid was sent to the office to be washed up, where she was given school-issued underpants and her filthy clothing was returned in a bag.

The school had the girl wear just her pantyhose and t-shirt for the rest of the day, even forcing her to take the bus home in that outfit. Evidently, the school thought this was a suitable solution. That was the last insult to an already humiliated youngster. She’s already gone through a lot in her life, and she’s just six,” Raymond McCurdy said.

She was in tears by the time she stepped off the school bus, clutching her bag of filthy clothing. Raymond said that he raised up her top and discovered that she was not wearing shorts and was wearing someone else’s underpants. That’s when he went to the school and demanded an explanation from the assistant principal.

They questioned her about why his daughter was sent home with just pantyhose and a T-shirt, and she proceeded to tell him that they believed she had a long enough shirt to put her on the school bus and send her home, the irritated father said. What would have occurred if his child had been touched by someone?

Raymond didn’t agree with the school’s explanation for sending his daughter home on the bus in underwear, accompanied by other kids. He added that Belle Terre Elementary has a dress code that he must guarantee his kid follows, but the school may strip her down to nearly nothing and it is somehow okay.

The shirt’s length was measured by the girl’s family to verify whether it complied with the school’s dress code. Raymond replied that it is more than 4 inches, measuring the shirt’s length above her knee. That’s 4 1/2 (inches) right there, and it’s still shorter.

The handbook policy at Belle Terre Elementary School indicates that shorts, skirts, skorts, or jumpers are permissible if they are 4 inches above the knee. He wondered they have him bring her to school dressed to their standards; why can’t they send his baby home dressed to their standards?.

Jennifer McCurdy believes the school should have phoned her to bring a change of clothing or pick up her daughter rather than subjecting the mortified youngster to mockery on the school bus. She said that their daughter’s emergency card has four contacts. Take up the phone and dial the number. They’ll be there to pick up their kid.

The family said that the school was aware of their daughter’s medical condition and that she required regular restroom visits. Jennifer said that it had never been an issue before since relocating to Florida the previous month. Now that they’ve arrived here, they’ve got all these problems, she said. Clearly, there’s more going on than what they’re witnessing.

The issue started in the classroom, where students are not permitted to take on-demand toilet breaks, which are critical for kindergarteners who are still learning bladder and bowel control. If kids can’t get up without first asking to go to the bathroom, the teacher needs to be more responsive to their needs. Incompetence on the part of the teacher and a bad answer to a bad policy made the situation much worse.

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