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Second body found in search for missing 13-yr-old twins last seen in water near Pleasure Pier.

A second corpse has been discovered in the hunt for twin 13-year-old boys who went missing while swimming near Galveston’s Pleasure Pier.

A young male’s corpse was found Thursday at 1 a.m. between 47th and Seawall Boulevard, according to authorities. They were able to establish that the young guy matched the description of the surviving missing sibling when they got on the site.

The twins were last spotted in waist-to-chest-high water approximately 20 yards into the ocean about 4:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Although no one could confirm seeing the boys go beneath, the family said neither of them knew how to swim.

They were out in the water. The parents temporarily lost sight of them and went back up into the area, where they could not be seen, said Galveston Island Beach Police Lt. Austin Kirwin.

Before calling 911, the family spent almost an hour looking for the twins, Josue and Jefferson Perez, all 13 years old.

The US Coast Guard was called in to help with search and rescue, however fog prevented them from landing their aircraft on Monday.

The hunt was taken over by the Galveston Police Department.

The first corpse was discovered in the early morning hours of Tuesday by a group of people strolling on the beach between 28th Street and Seawall Boulevard. The gang discovered the corpse, dragged it from the water, and contacted 911.

The caller just rescued an unconscious young adolescent out of the water. Red shorts and a blue top. There is no movement. “EMS is on its way,” a dispatcher was heard saying over the radio. The male matches the description of one of the missing youngsters from two days ago, said another officer on Tuesday.

A neighborhood citizen going along the coast around 47th and Seawall on Thursday about 1 a.m. discovered the second youngster.

Before calling 911, they carried the corpse to shore.

When the authorities arrived, they were able to determine that the corpse belonged to one of the missing youngsters.

There is some closure. They ‘re maintaining strong contacts with the family and talking to them personally, Kirwin added.

We’re offering our heartfelt condolences to the boys’ families and friends. This must be one of the most trying moments of their lives.

Please share to express your support with them.

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