Senior Cop Rescues Kitten That Was Abandoned On The Highway.

Sometimes, as hard as it is to believe, a traffic slowdown because of construction is just what was needed.

One day back in July a man was driving through Mocksville, North Carolina, when road construction slowed him down to a complete stop. While waiting to get moving, he looked out his window and spotted a tiny kitten looking up at him. It was skinny and it looked like its right front leg was broken.

The man worried the kitten would get hit by a car so he opened his door, picked up the cat and, when the traffic got moving again, he took it to the nearest police station.

Officers there argreed they would take care of the kitten, and the man was on his way. Police quickly got her to a vet and they were told, after an examination, that the female kitten’s leg was not broken; the kitten was actually born with it that way.

Officers posted to Facebook that they were very optimistic about the kitten. It’s health was good and it only had a deformity in one of its legs. They cleaned up the kitten, fed her and planned to find a family for her. But in the meantime, they named her Moxie.

While at the station, Moxie was introduced to the station’s resident cat, Sgt. Butters, a hungry stray that was taken in by the department last year and nursed back to health.

Moxie and Sgt. Butters got along just fine. But Moxie seemed to like Police Chief Patrick Reagan and she loved hanging around his desk. And the more the chief played with Moxie around his desk, the more his feelings grew for her.

So, finally, and officially, he adopted her. Moxie was now his cat. But in doing so, she had to join the police department. Her official title is now Pawfficer Moxie. She is doing just fine getting along with Chief Reagan’s dogs at home and she is training to be a therapy cat for those times when children have to stay at the department for extended periods of time. So Moxie’s life couldn’t be any better. And it was all because of a traffic jam. Imagine that.

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