Se*uality Expert Says Parents Should Change Diapers Only After Baby’s Consent

She went on to say that while a newborn cannot offer verbal agreement, parents should wait for their children to show good body language or make eye contact with their parents after inquiring. She claims that this will educate their kid that their individual replies are noticed and valued.

This video clip was featured as a highlight on “Outsiders,” a show on Sky News Australia, one of ABC’s competitors.

Rowan Dean, who presented and offered commentary on the video, referred to it as “leftie craziness” and used it to mock ABC and their channel.

He went on to tell his co-host, Ross Cameron, that it may cause some issues, but he wouldn’t go there to explore it further.

This Dean and Cameron video was published to YouTube and quickly surpassed 20,000 views.

Carson chose to respond to her numerous detractors by issuing a statement on Facebook about this time.

She said that her interview was for educating young children about consent. She also said that many of her detractors opted to mock her looks, labeling her a homosexual merely due to her pink hair.

'Sex Expert' Says Ask Your Baby's Permission Before Changing Diaper

WATCH: Ask Your Baby's Permission Before Changing Diaper, 'Says Sexual Consent Expert'

Posted by WCBM 680 on Thursday, 10 May 2018

Many people, she noted, scoffed at the concept of giving newborns bodily autonomy.

Carson went on to say that one in every seven boys and one in every three girls will be victims of sexual assault before the age of 18, and one in every twelve girls will be victims of sexual abuse before the age of six.

She stated that her job included avoiding abuse, educating young children their responsibilities and rights, and assisting youngsters in finding individuals who can assist them.

She also stated that the work she undertakes pulls parents into the debate and considers their particular family values as well as cultural norms.

The educator concluded by claiming that her critics were dismissing the opinions and experiences of abuse survivors.

Readers’ reactions to the released message were divided.

Some others responded warmly, saying Carson was doing fantastic work.

Others stated that many instructors who teach similar sexuality education experience ongoing hatred and trolling for their remarks.

Some sexual assault survivors, such as Skye Chalker, said there was nothing wrong with educating children what is and isn’t appropriate to touch.

And that it may be beneficial to train youngsters to speak out if they are unhappy with something, albeit Carson’s opinions seemed a little extreme to her.

Other comments were angry and passionate, accusing Carson of being mad or foolish, or suggesting that her statements were an insult to individuals who had endured sexual abuse since she compared it to changing a baby’s diaper.

Because diapers must be changed on a frequent basis to avoid infection and skin damage, some have labeled the procedure as child cruelty and neglect.

"Ask babies consent before changing their diapers" What????🤦‍♂️ Insanity in these last days is real!

Posted by Rodney Noel on Monday, 11 March 2019

What are your thoughts on this practice?

Do you believe it is an effective method of teaching youngsters about consent?

Do you think it’s completely insane? Or do you believe a balance must be struck?

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