Severely Beaten Girl Reports Gang-Rape, Police Criminally Charge Her Instead.

Ellie Williams, 19, was hardly recognizable when she went into the Cumbria Police station. The youngster, covered in bruises and scars from head to toe, told cops that she had been abused, burned, drugged, and sex trafficked for years in northern England by an organized gang of Pakistani males.

Ellie says she supplied the police with names and locations, as well as details about the “Asian” gang’s awful assault charges. She informed detectives that the guys are continuously abusing and holding other females prisoner. Surprisingly, police made a historic arrest months after submitting the allegation, but not of any of the accused rapists.

Cumbria Police stated Ellie had been charged with seven offenses of “perverting the course of justice.” After a year-long inquiry, Detective Chief Superintendent Dean Holden found that there was just insufficient evidence to show that “an organized gang of Asian men” was grooming and exploiting girls in Barrow-in-Furness.

But the same agency feels there is sufficient evidence to prosecute Ellie criminally in an ongoing investigation. She was again jailed weeks later “for breach of her bail conditions” after publishing images of her wounds on social media in reaction to what she considers a police miscarriage of justice.

Ellie shared horrific photographs of the accused grooming gang’s torture on social media, including photos of her damaged face and body and gashes on her breasts and fingers. She alleges that gang members tried to slice off her finger and cut off her breasts and nipples to compel her to obey.

Ellie stated that she had a “bleed on the brain” as a result of a significant head injury sustained during one of the beatings. She also claims to have lost partial eyesight as a result of being smacked in the eye socket.

Ellie claims she is still receiving death threats from gang members, and her sister has posted images of text conversations purportedly proving contact between Ellie and the accused.

Despite the fact that she is facing criminal charges, Ellie is adamant about speaking out against her alleged abusers. Despite the fact that she claims she is not authorized to provide names owing to the ongoing investigation, she keeps on fighting for the other girls she claims are still being trafficked.

Since my sister Ellie Wiliams doesn’t have a voice at the moment, i’m going to be it for her. So I’m sure everyone is…

Posted by Lucy Williams on Thursday, 21 May 2020

Ellie Williams determined that she is fortunate to be alive and is glad that she did not get pregnant or commit suicide. She hopes that her experience will raise awareness about the global sex trafficking business that abuses young girls.

Her case will undoubtedly deter victims of grooming groups from coming forward. They will most likely assume that reporting such crimes would result in criminal charges and, worse, the fury of their abusers.

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