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Shannen Doherty files for divorce in middle of stage four cancer battle – husband’s agent “intimately involved”

Amidst her ongoing battle with stage 4 cancer, Shannen Doherty has initiated divorce proceedings, and speculation has been further fueled by her publicist’s insinuation that her husband’s agent is “closely involved” in the split.

Over the weekend, reports surfaced that Doherty and Kurt Iswarienko, her partner of 11 years, were going their separate ways, which her representative confirmed in an email statement. Publicist Leslie Sloane stated on Saturday that Doherty had no desire for a divorce but felt compelled to take this step as she saw no other alternative. According to Sloane, Doherty filed for divorce on April 21, feeling that it was her only option.

“You can get in touch with Kurt’s agent, Collier Grimm at PICTUREKID, as she is very involved,” Sloane added.

Though Sloane did not elaborate on how Iswarienko’s agent was “intimately involved” – indeed, nothing has been cleared – the comments have fuelled the fires beneath the rumour mill, leaving people wondering if Iswarienko has been disloyal.

Naturally, sympathies go out to Doherty, who disclosed in 2020 that she was battling a recurrence of stage four breast cancer.

“There are days when I wonder, ‘Why me?'” ‘Well, why not me?’ I think. Who else is there? Who else deserves it besides me?’ Doherty told Good Morning America, “None of us do.”

In 2017, Doherty spoke to People magazine after her first cancer battle went into remission and mentioned that the experience had positively impacted her marriage with Iswarienko. She stated that “Cancer solidified us,” and that they now have a deeper appreciation for each other. Doherty’s successful career includes notable roles in popular TV series like Beverly Hills, 90210 and Charmed, as well as her breakout performance as Jenny Wilder on Little House on the Prairie at the age of 11.

Regrettably, Shannen received a breast cancer diagnosis in 2015, which she chose to share with her followers on social media, keeping them informed about her treatment. In 2020, she disclosed that her cancer had spread to her spine, and she was now in stage IV.

Speaking with Good Morning America, she mentioned that she had not yet fully processed the news and found it difficult to accept. Shannen also revealed that she had recorded video messages to bid farewell to her loved ones when the time arrives, but she believes she still has another 10 to 15 years left to live.

At this challenging time, we are expressing our support, affection, and optimism to Shannen Doherty. If you also want to wish her well, please share this article.

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