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Sharon Osbourne Says ‘Woke People Bore Me To Death’ And ‘Act Like We’re The Devil’

In a recent interview, Sharon Osbourne lashed out at “woke folks.” Woke individuals are like born-agains, Sharon, who is pushing the new Fox Nation docuseries To Hell and Back, stated.

She went on, It’s almost religious. The woke folks have a right to their ideas, God bless them, even if they bore her to death — however the rest of them don’t. They have a new term and a new mission each day, and if someone opposes it… what? Are they the devil? They definitely play the part.

This isn’t the first time Sharon has expressed herself in this manner. Piers Morgan was charged with unleashing racist tirades on Meghan Markle in 2021, and she backed him. She tweeted at the time, She supports him. Folks forget that one is compensated for one’s viewpoint and are simply expressing one’s truth.

Sharon’s new docuseries is around the event at The Talk. She stated during a discussion of the series, everyone wants to embrace woke individuals, so why can’t non-woke people welcome them? She is not talking about hate organizations, which are the worst in the world, but one needs to allow individuals to express themselves. If one’s voices are silenced, one might as well be living in China. [Woke individuals] instruct one on what to say and how to act. Good for oneself if that is how one desires to live one’s life. However, that is not for her

More information may be found in the video below.

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