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Sharon Stone breaks down as she reveals she lost HALF her fortune in financial crisis.

Sharon Stone has confessed that during the current financial crisis, she lost half her money.

Last week, the Basic Instinct actress cried at a fancy Hollywood fundraiser dinner and begged people to give money to a cancer charity.

She said that she just lost half her money to this banking issue, but it doesn’t mean she isn’t here.

It is unknown whose bank Ms Stone, 65, who has an estimated £50 million fortune, lost her money with, but the gala she attended—a Women’s Cancer Fund event—took place last Thursday, only days after Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank went bankrupt.

With the collapse of Washington Mutual Bank during the 2008 financial crisis, they were the second and third greatest bank failures in American history, respectively.

The US Federal Reserve has stepped in to guarantee all deposits at the two banks, making it unlikely that Ms.Stone, who lives in a £18 million Hollywood Hills mansion, would lose any money.

She knows the stuff where one has to go on and figure out how to SMS the money is tricky, she quipped to attendees at last week’s event.

She added that she is a technological fool, but she can write a f***ing check.

She also discussed her personal health struggles, including a near-fatal stroke in 2001 and surgery to remove breast tumors in the 1990s.

Ms.Stone’s spokesperson refused to respond.

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