She Yells At Her Sister To Stop Describing The Movie To Her Blind Boyfriend.

Blindness is a difficult affliction to live with. It takes love, care and understanding to be with a blind person. In this story a sister bought her blind boyfriend for a family get together. Read the story to know what happened during the get together when her sibling said something that didn’t go well with her sister. 

Source: Reddit

My little sister (20F) has been dating this guy (22M) for a little over a year now. He became completely blind at the age of 16 after a car accident. He’s pretty well adjusted to his new way of living by now.

Yesterday night, we had a family get together at our parents’ house. Had dinner, played some board games, chatted, things like that. Watching a movie was also on the checklist. We played the movie. Immediately after it started my sister started describing things to her boyfriend: how the people and environment looked, etc.

It annoyed me (26F) ’cause even though they were whispering I could still hear them and it disturbed my immersion. I kept quiet for a while but I ended up telling them to please be quiet ’cause other people like quietness during a movie. They shut up but after the movie ended my sister pulled me aside and started calling me names, telling me how that was super rude and ableist, that she never thought I’d act like this, etc.

I told her that I am in no way ableist but it’s annoying to hear constant noise during a movie and this would apply to everyone. She said she won’t talk to me anymore until I apologize to her and her boyfriend. I would but I don’t understand what I did wrong, I believe that when you’re hanging out with others you should be courteous and fit in with the people there.

What are your opinions? Did I over react? Please don’t be afraid to criticize. 

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