She Decides To Leave Her 7 Yrs Old Relationship For This.

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We got together when we were 15/16 when I was a depressed and angsty teen. He came from a bad family situation and my family eventually ended up letting him live with us after him having no where else to go. That was the beginning of me always taking care of him and at some points it felt like I was raising him.

We were different people then and went through years of smoking & drinking as teens, we eventually (me first, of course) got jobs and moved out together. Within the first month he cheated on me but at that point we had been together so long, had JUST moved into our first apartment, and my self esteem was so low that i stayed.

There have been years of lies, big and small, and the other day the lie was SO big it was my final straw. (I’ve said that so many times….)

He has no license, no car – I drive. Doesn’t deal with any bills – I take care of the money. He still drinks and smokes constantly like we did as teens – I do on occasion.

I’ve quit my dreams for him. I stopped school for him. I lost friends for him.

I love him. But I know I need to leave.

Now I’m turning 24 in two weeks, have literally 0 friends, but a seriously deep passion that I was meant for more.

I have signed up and paid for dental assisting school that starts in January and being honest with myself I know I won’t succeed in the education or career with him holding me back.

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