She Finally Gets Her Boyfriend Arrested.

Source: Reddit

He started accusing me of cheating and/ or wanting to cheat last night and he abandoned me at a bar.

I have not cheated or tried to do so.

I ubered home at 7. I went to bed at 10. Still can’t reach him after several calls and texts. He comes home drunk around 11 and I am in bed.

He attacks me for well over an hour. Drags me by the hair- chokes me and slams my head on the ground repeatedly.

I feel numb but my adrenaline still hasn’t subsided a day later.

He passed out around 1 or 2 in another room. Around 5am he wakes up and tries to crawl into bed with me (like nothing happened. Like I didn’t almost die)

I say Can you plz sleep on the couch- I’m not comfortable.

He says he’s going to work and he’s not sleeping anywhere.

I say so go.

Then he starts swinging. I grab my phone and run to the walk in closet to dial 911.

Police show up and he half assedly tried to run. They tell me he “rolled over a fence so he’s probably still drunk”

They ask if I want to press charges. I say yes. Now my life is changing super fast

But I have to move forward. It’s the only way.

His sister says his family is devastated and they want me to drop charges and he’s never been like this before so our relationship must just be volatile. No apology at all or any empathy- just blame on me.

So f**k all of them.

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