She Got Her Revenge On Her 6 Yr Old Sister’s Bullies.

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11 years ago, when I was 15, my little sister (6) was playing with her friends in the small playground which was right across the street in front of our house. It was a hot summer afternoon and my parents were not home. Suddenly, my sister comes home crying, telling that her friends are not playing with her anymore. This has happened multiple times before (small girls can be very toxic and brutal) and I was getting sick of this “on/off” friendship game they were playing with my sister. So, I opened the front door and stepped on our porch and shouted at them, asking what the problem was and why won’t they play with my sister. The girls giggled and were like ‘We don’t have to play with her if we don’t want to!’ and the other one was like ‘YEAH we just don’t FEEL like it’.

My sister was sobbing as I sat her down on our porch and gave her an ice cream. While she was eating, I started planning. I went inside and gathered ALL the water toys we had from the attic (not those inflatable ones, I mean water guns etc.) and I filled them all with water. Then I took out the WATER BALLOONS. Every kid LOVES water balloons. So, I filled as many as I could, as fast as I could, and put them in a big bucket. I was afraid that those two girls would leave before I was ready, but luckily they were still in the playground when I opened the front door. I placed the water guns and the bucketful of water balloons right in front of our yard, so the girls could see them clearly. (We DID have a huge backyard, but it wouldn’t be a “revenge” if they can’t see us properly.) Then I announced loudly: ‘sis, go get changed! We are going to have a huge water warfare!!’. I can still remember the excitement and happiness on my sister’s face when she realized what was about to happen. We both got our swimsuits on and started playing. I wanted everyone in the neighborhood to know that me and my sister are having the time of our lives so I made sure I laughed louder than I have ever before. And my sister, oh boy, she was so full of pure joy. The two girls were just standing there, staring at us. I even waved at them and was like ‘oh boy, we sure are having lots of fun here..!!’.

It didn’t take long until they had slowly walked in front of our yard and asked if they could join us. I grabbed my sister’s hand as we walked towards them. ‘I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you.. you were saying..?’ the girls looked very awkward and shy as they repeated themselves: ‘we said that if you let us join your water warfare we promise to play with your sister more.’ I probably had this huge s*it eating grin on my face as I had successfully baited those 6-year-olds to say those magic words. Then I put my finger on my chin, and pretended to think. Then I said: ‘I’m sorry, WE DON’T HAVE TO PLAY WITH YOU IF WE DON’T WANT TO!’ and we got back to playing.

I can still remember the look on their faces even to this day 😀 Yet the best memory of that day is my sister’s laughter.

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