She Had To Kiss To Prove Her Innocence To The Angry Karen That Left Her Dazed.

(This story was sent to us by Lola).

Source: Reddit

Last year, my husband and I had to take our cat to the vet. She stayed overnight for surgery, and when we went to pick her up the next day, the vet’s assistant at the front counter said she was listless, but OK, and wouldn’t get into her carrier. So they let me go in the back to try to get her in the carrier, while my husband stayed up front and paid.

I got her into the carrier, brought her up front and gave it to my husband, saying “here she is, seems to be fine, just tired.”. So I totally understand the confusion, just not the reaction afterward.

As my husband and I were trying to soothe our cat before heading out to the car, the next lady in line snapped her fingers at me, and said she was there to pick up her dog and could I go in the back and get it?

I said, “Sorry, I don’t work here” and the assistant behind the counter had gone somewhere after finishing the transaction with my husband.

The lady said, “I saw you give that man his cat, now get my dog. It’s the (don’t remember the kind of dog)”.

Again, I said, “Sorry (I’m Canadian, it’s bred into mem but not all canadians, apparently), but I don’t work here and that’s OUR cat”.

She again snapped at me and said, “Get my dog now!”

My husband turned to her and said, “That’s my wife and we are picking up our cat. I’m sure someone will be up here soon to help you.”

The lady said, “don’t cover for her, I saw her come from the back with your cat. Are you trying to score with her? It won’t work, I don’t think a girl like her would go for a guy like you. Now, where is my dog?”

I took this chance to give my husband the sloppiest kiss I could, saying, “You’re just my type, wanna go home with me?”


Just then, as well, a worker came from the back and said she could help the lady.

the lady scoffed and said, “It’s nice that someone here can, your co-worker here is getting all over this person and won’t get my dog.”

The vet assistant simply said, “Ma’am, she doesn’t work here, she’s just picking up her cat.”

then the lady said something that would have set me off if I wasn’t so concerned about getting our cat in the car and home. (She hates car rides). “Well, why didn’t she say something then?” Had I not been so busy trying to leave and preparing for the car ride ahead, I would have lit into her.

The cat is fine, just had a strange growth removed, but learned some colorful words I let out about the lady at the vets on the ride home.

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