She Is All Alone In This Tough World.

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I’ve been alone in my tiny studio apartment for weeks. Nobody has checked on me. I am so alone and I guess I’m just venting. My mom is a narcissistic sociopath who I haven’t seen or spoken to since I was 16. My dad is on and off the grid. I have nobody. I have supported myself since I walked out of my mom’s house at 16. Nobody has checked on me since. I put myself through college. Not one person came to my graduation. I spend holidays alone. My family does not reach out even on my birthdays. If something happened to me only my coworkers would know. I have one really good friend who checks on me here and there but she is married and has her own life.

I’ve struggled to support myself since I was a literal child because my parents are insane. Like so many others, I was born with nothing. I have built something for myself, but I’m so alone.

I want to belong somewhere.

I am considered successful in my industry, especially for my age, but I have nobody to grow and enjoy life with. Maybe I’m depressed because of how things are right now, but it’s making me realize just how f**king alone I am in this world. I have nobody. I don’t know why some people even have children.. but I hope I find a wonderful partner. I hope I have a wonderful life. Right now things are extremely difficult. I just keep going hoping my future life will be worth it. Right now, I am so alone. I hope my life changes. I hope I don’t struggle forever.

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