She Jumped And Chased This Homeless Man To Help.

“This is Byron and yes he is homeless. And don’t take this post for me “bragging” i don’t need recognition for the things i do its all from my heart. I just wanted to open some of you Christians eyes.

Facebook/Bonnie Maria Monroe

Now I watched Byron go to three tables asking for food everyone turned him away. But I sat there hoping he came to me BUT he didn’t. As I watched him walk away from the restaurant something (God) told me “don’t let him get away GO GET HIM” being obedient I jumped up and chased him down.

When I caught up with Byron I asked him if he wanted to have dinner with me, my son, and Zaee Sanders he told he was hungry and would love to eat with us but those people didn’t want him around and he doesn’t want to get hurt so he’ll wait in the alley and just will eat our scraps 😢😢😢.

I refused and walked him straight to our table and told him order what he will like he was hesitant and kept asking if I wanted him to leave yet my heart sunk. I made sure he didn’t leave until he was full. We ate, laughed, and even danced a little we enjoyed our night together.😊😊😊😊 

Facebook/Bonnie Maria Monroe

And my question to you how can you claim you love God but WON’T lift up your brother/sisters? Stop looking down on those who are down on their luck because God giveth and taketh away. LET’S SHARE THE LOVE 💜💛💙”

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