She left the hospital with her infant only to discover she is pregnant again.

LIFE is full of surprises, and no one understands this better than Allanah Harris, a mother of three.

Allanah left the hospital shortly after giving birth to Chase, only to discover that she was pregnant with the couple’s third baby.

Allanah and her husband, Brock, from Queensland, Australia, have 3 kids: Chase, who is now one, Ellie, who is six months old, and James, who will soon be four.

Allanah, who has subsequently begun to film the Harris family’s journey on TikTok, noted that, while she describes it as a blessing, she is frequently criticised for bearing kids with such a short age gap.

However life hasn’t always been this happy for the family of five; after becoming pregnant on the first date and becoming a stepmother right immediately, Allanah learned her pregnancy was problematic and she needed to deliver before the due date.

Sadly, their baby Lily, who would have turned two months ago, was stillborn and “gained angel wings.”

It’s heartbreaking to lose a child.

However, there was a gleam of optimism, a beam of sunshine peeking through the clouds, when the pair discovered they were pregnant with Chase.

They welcomed the tiny boy into the family nine months after the stay-at-home mother had delivered Lily, and James became a big brother.

And the tale didn’t end there; Allanah became pregnant again very away, this time with a baby girl.

She can’t wait to see them grow up together, she says.

The Harris family has become a favourite among many social media users, despite being mocked at times for having kids with such a short age gap.

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