She Quickly Took A Picture Of The Teenager To Show His Mother And Grandparents.

“I dropped our son off at the mall today, and I catch this as I’m leaving. To say we are proud of the young man he is turning into is an understatement. A lady even stopped and complimented him with tears in her eyes.

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It truly takes a village, and our village is beyond proud, young man!

Our son’s name is Dashawn and he is 13-years-old. I met his mom 4 years ago and we will be married for a year on August 20th. Dashawn’s father passed away when he was just a little baby and he has been raised by an amazing village comprised of his mother Nicky, grandmother Kiwanis and grandfather Charlie.”

From the time I met Dashawn, he has always been a very special and kind-hearted child. Always doing anything he can to help out the less fortunate. And all without being prompted. Needless to say, everyone in his family is extremely proud of him, but nobody is prouder than his mom…

She, along with the help of her parents, Kate and Charlie, instilled in Dashawn at a very young age the value of respecting and honoring all people, but especially the elderly. On July 31st Dashawn asked if he could go to the mall with his friends. Since it was the last day of summer he was more excited than usual to hang out with his friends, knowing his weekday trips to the mall would have to come to a stop during the school year.

Fast forward to us getting to the mall. I handed him his spending money for the day, reminded him to make good choices and that I loved him and would see him in 3 hours. He said ok and he loved me too and got out the car. As I was getting ready to leave, I look up and see Dashawn talking to this elderly lady.

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At first, I wasn’t sure what was going on because I was in the car and couldn’t hear the dialogue between the two. Then next thing I see is the elderly lady handing my son her bag of food and then she motioned for him to get on the other side of her. That’s when I realized what was happening. I pulled out my phone to take a picture as well as record the events so that his mom and grandparents could see what I witnessed as well.”

Facebook/Maria Lopez

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