She Saw Her Boyfriend Consoling A Girl Crying In The Subway.

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3 nights ago a human being changed my world forever. This is a little long but please read it’s heartwarming. His name is Shane and I can’t believe I found him. We’ve been dating for about 4 months now and every day seems to be better then the last. From his sense of humor, to his amazing interests to his warm smile he’s wonderful and quite sexy IMO lol. But it wasn’t until 3 nights ago that I realized how in love with him I am because of a single act of kindness.

We were having date night and he’s trying to suprise me with a salsa class. He heard me say on our first date I always found dancing amazing and wanted to be a ballet dancer when I was young but I never got the chance. Now at 29 I figure salsa or something would be more fun. So he decided to sign us up and we would begin classes. On our walk we were about to get on the subway until it happened.

Now another thing I love is Shane listens so well and really gives a crap and after 4 months most guys would stop fully trying especially after some sexy time but not him. Anyway I was talking and I kept noticing he was looking over at someone not listening. Finally he said I’m sorry babe can u give me a second I need to check something.

He walks over to a young girl maybe 19-20 years old who was crying on a bench in the subway. I didn’t hear him at first but I could see in his body language he was trying to calm her and help as 100 other people walked by and I would of done the same. As I approached I realized she was homeless for some time and all she had was a single bag. She said to him all I want to do is go home. He asked where she lived and it wasn’t even in the city. She’d broken up with her BF who was gone and I am sure she was on drugs at some point but she also looked down on her luck. Either way she was I need and looked scared.

So in this moment many would either hand some money over or wish her luck or maybe let her make a call. Shane did much more. He pulls me aside looks me right in the eyes and says “Kelly I can’t leave her here like this. I know it’s weird but I’ve been really down before to and sometimes people just need someone to not only help but believe they’re telling the truth. He said would u mind if postponed and help her? I said of course n so the journey began.

We went to 2 women’s shelters with her and to no avail they weren’t taking anymore people. It was a bit cold and well we’re not the richest people with our student loans so we really couldn’t afford to pay for a hotel room in the city. So Shane with his trusting heart of gold says would I mind spending the night at his place and asking her to stay with us. He figured she would feel comfortable with a girl asking her if she’d like to spend the night and we’d figure it out in the morning.

I mean here I am with a guy I’m starting to fall for and he’s willing to bring a stranger in for the night out of the cold. When I asked her she truly weeped and thanked me a million times but little did she know it wasn’t my idea and honestly I’d of never of done this. But he has this gravity about him that just pulls you in.

We get to Shane’s house and I have some clothes there so I gave her some stuff the would fit and let her get a shower. In the meantime Shane ordered pizza and when she came out he made her feel so cozy like he’d known her for 100 years. We ate pizza, we played a board game, we laughed and then he made her hot tea and we watched his favorite movie The Big Lebowski lol. He made the couch up for her and we went to bed.

In the morning he made us all breakfast and then told us he’d be right back. He said he was getting us good coffee lol. He comes back and she was finally able to get a hold of her sister on someone’s phone in her home town and she had a place to go. Shane drives her to the bus station and buys her a ticket and hands her an envelope. Here I found out, when asking where it was today, he’d gone down to the pawn shop and pawned his iPad to give her 120 bucks to get home

This man gave his home, his time, his care, his money and his food to a complete stranger. He trusted her that she wanted to go home and just needed help. He changed how i view the world and in that moment I fell so deeply in love with him. I don’t even know how to show him what this meant to me but I know I will become more like him. I love you Shane with all my heart and one day I am gonna marry you, give you babies and grow old with you. Knights in shining armor still exist and I am lucky enough to get to kiss one whenever I want.

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