She Thanked This Stranger For Calling 911 On Her Abusive Husband.

Source: Reddit

This happened a couple of hours ago, I was at a super 8 out in the middle of Illinois. I’m laying trying to get another 30 minutes of sleep before I check out when I hear a woman screaming. Sounding like something out of a f**king horror movie. I jump up but can’t immediately tell where it’s coming from, her screams just filled the room. Then I hear a loud bang against the wall and immediately hear a child start screaming.

The woman’s screams stop but the child keeps crying, at this point I’m not sure if the kid maybe fell or something which made his mom start screaming, I’ll admit I hesitated a bit just thinking maybe it was something I shouldn’t get involved in, then I hear the woman scream “oh God” and then decided to put my ear to the wall to better hear what’s going on. That’s when I hear a male voice saying “this is what you wanted” this is what you get”

I grabbed my phone and called 911, explained the situation and told them the room number. Takes a little less than ten minutes for the police to get there, the entire time I’m listening to this guy call the woman all kinds of names and telling her she deserved it, I’m just praying he doesn’t hurt her.

Police get there and bang on the door, the woman runs out crying with two kids in her arms telling them that he has a knife. I’m standing in the hallway watching this happen when the lady makes eye contact with me. I seen the same damn fear and terror I used to see in my mom’s eyes, it about broke me down. There’s another lady in the hallway and the cops tell the abused woman to go in her room.

They go in, get the guy without much struggle, he comes out screaming “babe! Babe! I love you! Which, again, is the same shit the bastard use to tell my mom after the cops showed up. The cops jack him up and tell him to shut up and leave her alone.

After taking him away the cops question the lady and it turns out he’d started beating her for not having any money left, threw her against the wall, and held a knife to her throat. When it was all over she thanked me for calling and said she’d been trying to leave him for a while now. I told her it was no problem and wished her luck.

I hate abusers, I watched my mom go through that shit repeatedly until she finally got the strength to leave. I don’t know the lady but I truly hope this gives her a way out. At the very least he’ll be in jail a few months.

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