She Tipped $100 To A Starbucks Barista.

Source: Reddit

I Tipped the Starbucks Barista $100 Today Because She Was Nice to Me. 

She said hi, she smiled and asked me how I was. I lied and replied with a, “doing okay,” and ordered my drink. She must have seen right through it.

I sat outside and stared off into the distance for who knows how long until the heavy metal chair a few feet away from me scraped along the concrete and interrupted my silence. “Hey are you actually okay?” the familiar voice asked. Surprised, I replied with a quiet, “Yes, but thank you for asking,” followed by a smile. In my mind I wanted so hard to just say, “no.”

I’ve lost my ability to verbalize what hurts but her response letting me know that she was on her break for a little bit if I wanted to talk really helped. She told me she hoped that I had a better day as she walked back inside and that if I wanted a refill it would be on the house. I walked back in a few minutes later and said thank you. “I’ll take that refill if you don’t mind?” I asked as I dropped the bill into the cube-shaped container by the register before walking out.

Having someone who doesn’t even know you show more concern than your spouse or family hurts a lot, but helped me hurt a little less. Internalizing everything is hard, but thank you so, so much for being nice to me soft-hearted barista.

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