She Unfortunately Lost Her Puppies But Then Something Amazing Happened.

Dogs can adapt… to adopt. Sometimes, they can even adopt animals far and away from their own species. It’s just something else that makes them so lovable.

Earlier this year, the Syrian conflict displaced a stray dog named Amira. She was taken in by an animal sanctuary that was actually more focused on stray cats. And Amira was pregnant. Unfortunately, and possibly through all the trauma, Amira lost her litter of three pups.

Although workers at the sanctuary gave the sad dog a teddy bear to help comfort her in her loss, it did little to do so. But soon after, Amira did something you just don’t see dogs typically do. She bonded with a young kitten named Junior and basically claimed the kitten as her surrogate baby.

Says a volunteer at the sanctuary: “We found them playing together, and the kitten climbed on her back, and [Amira] was completely fine — she even seemed to be smiling.”

Amira and Junior now eat meals together, they play together, and they sleep together. They are practically inseparable. The strong relationship they’ve developed is certain to last through their lives now. 

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