She Was Being Treated Like Garbage By One Of Her Customers.

I had just started serving tables at a restaurant, and I was working my first super busy brunch shift. I had 6+ tables and I’m not gonna lie, I had a tough time running all the mimosas that my tables were ordering. I could tell that one table of all women were getting abnormally angry about their drinks taking a while. I apologized for the delay and made a joke about it being an especially busy shift. I offered them a round of drinks on me to smooth the situation over. When I walked away, one lady murmured under her breath that I was an “incompetent c**t”.

Let’s stop there, its common for people to treat servers like sh*t, but this was the first time I ever had experienced being spoken to like I was garbage. I shook it off and continued to be nice to them, but it only got worse from there. They started to laugh at me, and sh*t talk me to one another. They told me that my future career looked pretty bleak, considering I couldn’t even serve tables, “honey, even a toddler can deliver drinks”. When I took their order for food, one woman REFUSED to speak to me. She just stared at me while her friend ordered for her. By now I am pissed. I asked her why she felt the need to have her friend order for her? She laughed in my face, looked down at the menu, and said because I was a dumb little b*tch.

Due to the fact I was at work, I couldn’t argue or tell her to eat sh*t for treating me like I was a dog, if I did my boss would have fired me. They ended up stiffing me on their 200 dollar check. Once they left, I realized the woman that gave me so much sh*t had left her phone. I took it and went out the back door to smoke a cigarette and try to calm down, who the hell did that women think she is? So I promptly turned off her phone, threw it in the trash compactor, and turned it on. She came back minutes later and asked multiple staff members if we found it, I told her that I didn’t see it when I bussed the table, and that I would call her if it turned up. I never told anyone but I never regretted doing it. When you treat people like sh*t, expect sh*tty things to happen to you.

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