She Was Forming A Stronger Than Usual Attachment To Her Foster Dog.

When someone takes on the role as a foster parent to a dog, there can be a strong bond formed, even though that person KNOWS that the animal can be adopted at any time. And that can’t be easy.

Nicki Clawson had been a foster mom for more than a year to several dogs that were waiting on that special person to adopt them. But then, there was Cookie, a boxer that was such a gentle dog and so kind to others.

Cookie seemed so much different than the others, and Nicki developed a deep relationship with him. And whenever someone was looking to adopt one of Nicki’s dogs, she secretly wished they would just pass Cookie by and adopt another one of the dogs. And when that happened, she said a little cheer and hugged Cookie.

Nicki was not alone in her love for Cookie. Her husband, Tim, also had a big place in his heart for the dog. The easiest thing for Nicki to do would be to adopt Cookie herself, and she and Tim would never have to worry about it again. But, as with so many relationships around the world, it was complicated. Nicki just could not be decisive about it. So, finally, Tim decided to do something about it, without his wife’s knowledge.

He called NorthWest Boxer Rescue, which technically owned Cookie. He explained his plan to volunteers with the group, and they agreed it would work. His plan got rolling when the coordinator with the group called Nicki. He told her there was a potential adopter specifically for Cookie, and that she and her husband would have to take Cookie to a certain location to meet the adopter.

A day and time was set, and as the time approached, they all got in the car. As Tim was driving, Nicki held onto Cookie and hugged him tightly, struggling to fight back the tears. Then they arrived at the location. There was no one there. So they waited. And still nothing. Then, the group coordinator showed up and handed Nicki a folder with the adopters phone number and asked her to call them. So Nicki opened up the folder and looked totally confused. There was only one number in that folder, and that number was her own.

She told the coordinator that there had to be some mistake, because that number was hers. But the coordinator assured Nicki that there was no mistake, saying the owner of that number was who would be adopting Cookie. Then it sank into Nicki. She was the one, and she couldn’t hold back those tears any longer. She hugged Cookie, and the coordinator told Cookie to give his new mom a kiss.

Nicki later admitted to her husband that it was the perfect way to make her realize that she truly needed to keep Cookie in her life. 

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