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‘She was having none of it’: Woman snubs Meghan Markle by not shaking hands and looking away during walkabout

Princes William and Harry made a sporadic arrival on Saturday, September 10 with their spouses Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle outside Windsor Castle. They were unified to inspect the honors and greet the grievers who came to mourn the demise of Queen Elizabeth II.

Though, it all didn’t go well for the Duchess of Sussex as few grievers looked away and one of them even disregarded her when she tried to shake hands with the mourners.  

Meghan was accompanying Harry and seen hugging and calming grievers. Though, one of the mourners, a woman, apparently evaded her and gave her the fuss eye before shaking her head and giggling.

The woman dropped her head to overlook Meghan and evade her look. Then the lady raised her head and gave her partner a significant look while smiling with her. Though, there were other grievers also who tried to disregard Meghan. One more individual was seen moving back their hands from Meghan or have sunglasses on to evade making eye contact.

Responses to this event has been varied with some criticizing the lady for treating Meghan unacceptably and some supporting her.

Some netizens who were not amused with the event did not hold back also. One of them said that the lady is an actual discomfiture and said that it was a distinctive school girl bullying nature.

Another one wrote that how difficult for those persons going to pay respects to the Queen then having to be gracious to 2 fools that have called them discriminatory.

More than a few people enormously respected Meghan’s gesture and exhibited their love. One of them said that it is beautiful to see them both together and perhaps they can get back to a good association.

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