She Was Surprised By Her Boyfriend And Specially His Family’s Reaction When Revealed About Her Pregnancy.

I’m 21, he will be in a couple weeks. This pregnancy is very unplanned. I had a lapse in birth control and next thing you know, baby. I thought he’d leave and hate me. Instead, he’s been so unbelievably supportive and he’s become the single most important person in the world to me.

When school closed for the year instead of going back to my dad who called me a “harlot” when he found out I was pregnant and said that the baby probably wasn’t my boyfriend’s (accusation he made), I was invited to stay with him and his parents. I feel so at home here. I guess this is what a family is supposed to feel like.

His folks insist I call them mom and dad. They never scold me or yell about Jesus. They don’t care that me and their son sleep in the same bed (my parents would throw us out for that). Me and his mom in particular are getting along great. She’s Puerto Rican and is teaching me Spanish and I find her super easy to open up to. She’s adamant we’re having a boy.

There’s no real point to this post other than wanting to share my boyfriend and his amazing family with people. Family is so much more than blood. Who needs my birth parents? I’ve got a new family now.

Source: Reddit

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