She Was Terrified For Her Safety Walking Down The Street Midnight To Buy Medicines.

The street was pitch black and completely deserted. It was apparent that not a single soul was still awake at 3 am. If ever there was, he would definitely not be wandering on the street especially after furious rains battered this part of the metropolis causing knee-deep floods.

And there I was, an epileptic out on a mission- to buy my maintenance medicines from the drug store which is a ride away from home. I was pissed for many reasons. For the nth time, I failed to check my supply of maintenance medicines and worse, I found out about it way too late. I have a pattern for my epileptic seizures. They always happen when I miss taking my medicines. Epileptic seizures leave me with a crazy headache, joint pains and temporary memory lapses that last for days.

Standing alone on an empty and eerily dark street and desperately waiting for a ride at the proverbial “witching hour” made me worry about my safety. Still, I was hoping to see familiar tricycle drivers who could safely bring me to the drug store and back. Obviously, the floods forced them to retire early for the day.

“Lord, I am really terrified right now. You know I need to take my medicines. I do not have the energy to walk all the way to the drug store and back. And i fear for my safety. Please guide me on what to do. Either I just go back and sleep and trust that You will stop any seizure from happening to me until I could buy medicines in the morning or You send me a safe ride so I could buy my medicines now,” I prayed intently.

In a matter of seconds, the roar of a motorcycle engine ripped the stillness of the night. Coming out of an even darker alley, a totally unfamiliar tricycle driver stopped right in front of me: “Sakay po kayo? (Do you need a ride? ),” he asked.

He hadn’t even finished his question and I was already seated on the tricycle knowing that IT IS MY ANSWERED PRAYER.

The tricycle driver volunteered to wait up for me and safely brought me home with a fresh supply of my maintenance medicines.

Indeed, God answers prayers at whatever time of day.

In my hour of fear, God sent me an angel and He made sure he knows how to drive a tricycle.

Isn’t this a wonderful story? Pass it on to all your friends and GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

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