She Was Thankful When Her Adopted Son Called Cop For Help.

When 41-year-old Sasha Amanze of Lower Sydenham suffered an epileptic seizure, it was NOT good. The only one there with her at the time was her adopted 3-year-old son, De’khari. The young boy is autistic. But it just so happens De’khari knew exactly what to do.

Sasha had been suffering from those seizures ever since she was about 19 years old. And she knew she would have more of them after she adopted her little boy. So she had the foresight to teach him exactly what to do.

On August 31, just after Sasha had an epileptic fit and collapsed on the floor, De’khari picked up his mom’s Samsung Galaxy phone, scrolled through her contacts and dialed up the one that had a picture of a police car… just the way she had taught him.

Says Sasha: “He did that when it mattered and I’m so proud of him. He saved my life and he’s my hero – if he wasn’t there with me when I had the attack then I could’ve died.”

Sasha was taken to the University Hospital in Lewisham while De’khari stayed with a relative.

Says Sasha: “De’khari knows what he’s done, everyone that passes him in the streets praises him. I regained consciousness and saw these people staring down at me and I asked ‘what are you doing in my house?’ They told me my little boy had called them. I didn’t know where I was. Police had to kick down the front door to get in the house so it must’ve been scary for him. But they said he wasn’t screaming and he just stayed back while they attended to me.”

Sasha began teaching her son how to contact emergency services after she had an episode in a Toys R Us store while shopping with a friend.

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