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Shirley Temple’s “Animal Crackers In My Soup” is just as catchy now as in 1935

When the National Biscuit Company produced animal crackers in 1902, they were an immediate popularity with kids.

The artwork on the packaging was sufficient to sell these enchanted sweets! The amount and variety of items in each box have changed over time.

Since 1902, animal crackers have portrayed a total of 54 different species.

Shirley Temple sings about them in the 1935 film Curly Top and mentions putting them in soup. Many firms utilized it to promote animal crackers.

Shirley Temple’s parents had to publicly defend the film when parents complained that their kids were dropping animal crackers into their soup and spoiling perfectly nice dinners!

Shirley’s parents were keen to point out that she did not put animal crackers in her soup since they were too sweet. She kept them until the end of her meal instead.

Watch the video below to hear this timeless tune. And don’t forget to check all the startling facts about the kid star right here.

I used to adore seeing Shirley Temple as a youngster, and I hope I had all of her movies so I could teach my granddaughters what a fantastic child actress she was.

May she rest in peace; I will cherish her memory for the rest of my life. God will look after her, as will the angels, and she will be able to sing with the angels and God.

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