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Shoplifter ‘Pisses Off’ Female Security Guard Who Shows Off Her Skills: ‘He’s Not Going Anywhere — Not On My Watch!’

Summer Tapasa was dedicated to her position at Best Buy. Even though the store’s policy did not permit the use of force to catch shoplifters, Tapasa’s sense of justice was so powerful that she could not allow a persistent repeat offender to escape.

Summer Tapasa was on her shift as an employee of asset protection when she saw the guy attempting to depart with an expensive portable speaker. Tapasa claims that she saw the guy steal another speaker from the business a few days before, but he escaped. She chose to take action because she was fed up.

Tapasa stated that despite company policy prohibiting physical contact with shoplifters, she made a split-second choice to forcibly prevent the guy from leaving. The video shows her repeatedly blocking his path with a football-style block and pulling him to the ground as he attempted to go by her with the speaker.

Her first inclination was to just stop him. He has no plans to go. He will not repeat this action. She will not allow that to occur, particularly under her watch, stated Tapasa. On the CCTV footage, the 24-year-old asset protection employee is seen preventing the guy from departing with the package.

Finally, the culprit smashed through a neighboring barrier, and another employee attempted to assist. The video depicted the guy clinging to her clothes as a shopper and other employees interfered. Following a short altercation, he exited the bar empty-handed, and Tapasa chased him outside.

In the background, she could hear her boss shouting, ‘Let him go, Summer. It’s okay, let him go. Let him go,'” Tapasa reminisced. They would rather let an object go than put their lives in danger, and she completely gets that. She is grateful for it. Tapasa said that the guy apologized and attempted to fist-bump her outside, but she urged him to leave and never return.

She has identified the individual and wants to go out to him and bless him. She said that she wants to bless him so that he will stop doing what he is doing. Tapasa would have been terminated for breaching company rules, but she had already resigned in order to concentrate on her other work.

Tapasa had no idea that her antics would go viral and result in a new profession. UFC president Dana White invited Tapasa to UFC 246 after seeing the video, where she got VIP treatment and worked as security during the weigh-in between Conor McGregor and Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone.

Tapasa said that weekend was undoubtedly one of the finest weekends of her life. Uncle Dana, from the minute she boarded the aircraft until the moment she walked off the plane upon her return, everything was just fantastic. Everything was flawless, Tapasa was given a full-time position as security for the organization’s corporate office at the UFC headquarters in Las Vegas.

It’s been great. Everyone is really, extremely kind, Tapasa remarked. She had a few boxers, including Jon Jones, take photographs of her. It has been rather remarkable since she’s been here. According to reports, her viral moment gained a great deal of favorable recognition, especially from celebrities such as Tom Brady and Joe Rogan.

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