Shoppers Paid For Their Items When Grocery Store Was Accidentally Left Unlocked.

It’s not too often you’ll find a business open when it actually is supposed to be closed. But that’s exactly what happened with a Food Basics store in Kingston, Ontario.

It was supposed to be closed on Feb. 18th, which was being celebrated as a holiday observed in Canada as Family Day. But, strangely, and inadvertently, the doors were unlocked. And although there were no workers there… because they were all off that day because of that Family Day holiday thing… probably with their families…. customers came, and they shopped. They loved it… seemed like every other place was closed.

So the customers walked around and picked up some things, not even knowing there would be no one to check them out. So they did the next best thing: they left money for their items at the store.

Said one person who asked to stay anonymous: “I was standing there trying to decide what to do, and a guy comes out of the store with two packages of cherry tomatoes So I asked ‘Hey, buddy! You just taking some tomatoes?’ He said ‘I left $5 on the counter.’”

Police were made aware of the situation and contacted the manager. He made it out there and told police it all looked well… there was no damage and people seemed to be leaving money for the items they took.

Said Constable Ashley Gutheinz, media relations officer for the Kingston Police: “It looks as though there was no damage, and the situation wasn’t out of control or anything. The doors were open, and we don’t know… what’s to blame for that, but it appears that the store manager indicated nothing was seriously damaged or stolen.”

Perhaps it was just someone trying to say: “Hey, here, take something home with you and enjoy your time with the most important thing in your life… your family… and… we trust you.”

Yeah, wouldn’t that be nice?

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