Sickening texts Johnny Depp sent actor Paul Bettany about Amber Heard are read in court

On Thursday, Amber Heard’s Lawyers continued their cross-questioning of her ex-husband Johnny Depp in a Virginia courtroom, taking target at his liquor and drug usage as well as transcripts he sent to a pal about wanting to murder and sully his ex-wife.

Heard’s lawyers are attempting to disrupt Depp’s defamation claim against her after she penned a 2018 Washington Post opinion that Depp states indirectly insulted him and devastated his rewarding acting profession. Heard mentioned to her in the article as a public figure representing domestic exploitation.

Depp has affirmed that Heard was the provoker in the association and that he never physically or sexually attacked her regardless of her claims. Heard’s attorney’s claim that Depp can’t refute what happened because he was frequently high on drugs and every so often drunk.

J. Benjamin Rottenborn, Heard attorney, concentrated on a 2013 text conversation between Depp and the actor Paul Bettany in which Depp said “Let’s burn Amber!!!” Bettany replied that he don’t think they should burn her. Depp then texted back and wrote that let’s drown Amber before they burn her!!!

Depp has formerly said sorry to the jury for the rough verbal in the texts.

Attorney Rottenborn also attentive on another of Depp’s texts messages to Bettany in 2014 in which he mention whiskey, drugs and powders. The texts were exchanged during a period in which Depp alleged that he had stopped taking alcohol. And they were sent about the time of a reserved flight from Boston to Los Angeles, during which Heard had said that Depp turn out to be totally drunk and struck her.

Depp had earlier affirmed that he took two oxycodone tablets — an opiate to which he acknowledges that he was habituated at the time and sealed himself in the aeroplane lavatory and fell asleep to evade her pestering. He had also earlier stated that he drank only a glass of Champagne as he lodged the aeroplane.

Rottenborn, to further bring distrust to Depp’s assertion that he was not a difficult drinker at that time, presented the judges a text that Depp had sent to composer Patti Smith concerning a visit to New York City in 2014 in which he described fighting with Heard and getting drunk.

Since Tuesday afternoon, Depp has been on the stand in Fairfax County Circuit Court. The star has spent much of that time recounting the duo’s unstable bond and refuting that he ever ill-treated Amber. Depp alleged that Amber regularly brutally attacked him. And Depp debated that his film profession suffered after she wrote op-ed section in The Washington Post in 2018.

Heard not ever stated Depp by name in the editorial, but Depp’s attorneys said it was a clear reference to charges Heard made when she wanted a preventive order against him in 2016.

Depp alleged the allegations and the editorial contributed to a dishonourably crumbling status that made him a Hollywood pariah and cost him his character in the money-spinning “Pirates of the Caribbean” film franchise.

When cross-questioning initiated late Wednesday afternoon, Rottenborn pointed to proof that Disney made that choice beforehand the editorial’s publication.

Heard’s attorneys have claimed that her view point was precise and did not offend Depp. They have said that Depp’s crumbling status was owing to his own ruthless conduct.

Earlier on Tuesday, Depp termed the charges of drug habit as totally inflated, though he accepted taking numerous drugs. Depp stated that his drug usage taking place when he was just 11 when he took his mother’s nerve capsules secretly.

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