SIL Refuses To Call Her Niece by Her ‘Terrible’ Name & Laughs Whenever She Hears It.

Attempting to come up with the right baby name is not a simple endeavor, and often underestimate how difficult it may be. There are thousands of baby name options, and there is a lot to think about before settling on one. We must ensure that we like the meaning of the name, that it complements the last name, and that the initials are not unusual. We must ensure that the name cannot be misunderstood in any other way. Or we just pick a name we like. That’s what the new parents did with their daughter. However, not everyone was pleased with the name they picked. Scroll down to read the story and what do you think of this situation.

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My brother and his girlfriend had a baby girl two months ago. I didn’t visit her in the hospital due to the restrictions but I quickly found out that they named her Celexa.

One google search will tell you that is the name of an antidepressant medication. I don’t understand the thought process behind choosing that name but I really cannot stand it and I laugh whenever someone in my family refers to her.

I decided to just call her Lexa and when my brother’s girlfriend asked me why I never call her Celexa, I told her the truth – that it’s the name of a medication and now apparently I’ve got her upset because she’s worried that people are gonna bully their daughter. Nobody in my family seems to be on my side so now I’m wondering if it was a mistake to point it out. So Am I A Jerk? 

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