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Simone Biles in $120 Wedding Dress Blasted for ‘Unkempt’ Hair — Olympic Star ‘Hungry’ During Childhood Responds.

Simon Biles is now Mrs. Owens after marrying NFL star Jonathan Owens in a small wedding with just a judge present to officiate. The happy couple shared wedding photos with their admirers on social media.

Biles is a well-known American gymnast who has won seven Olympic medals. Meanwhile, Owens modestly refers to himself as “a kid from St. Louis” in his Instagram profile, but he clearly has an outstanding career.

Owens attended Christian Brothers College High School before transferring to Missouri Western State University to pursue a football career.

He was selected Male Student-Athlete of the Year during his senior year. Following graduation, he entered the 2018 NFL Draught and became a free agent.

After the 2018 NFL Draught, Owens signed as an undrafted free agent with the Arizona Cardinals. He never made his rookie debut since he damaged his knee during preseason practice.

Owens currently serves as a safety for the Houston Texans. Biles has always been his greatest fan, constantly rooting for him throughout his NFL games.

In 2020, the pair met on a dating app, with Biles making the first move. Throughout the epidemic, they got to understand each other better, cementing their bond.

The couple got engaged in February 2022, and Biles stated that answering yes to Owens’ marriage proposal was the simplest “yes” she’d ever spoken. It took almost a year of preparation for them to have their little wedding.

Many people were astonished when the Owens selected a quiet wedding with just a judge present. The couple said that they planned a larger destination wedding and wanted to be married in the United States first.

The newlyweds were so excited about their wedding that they instantly shared exclusive wedding images with their friends on social media. The photos revealed how thrilled they were to be married, using postures that are common at weddings.

Biles picked a simple gown for their courthouse wedding. For the event, she donned a white tiered midi dress for $120 and heels worth $35 that she purchased on sale.

The items have apparently been flying off the shelves since she posted about her bridal gown. Fans praised her basic but exquisite style and wanted a piece of it for themselves.

The bride said that she purchased everything the week before her wedding, including her dress, shoes, wedding rings, and even her bouquet. She said that she did not plan as much for the civil wedding as she did for their vacation wedding.

The charming couple enjoyed a modest photoshoot in numerous settings after saying their vows. They posed for post-nuptial photographs in an ornate lift and on a building rooftop.

People on the internet chastised the Olympian for her hair, in addition to her basic attire. They said in now-deleted tweets that it looked “unkempt,” and that she “should’ve laid the edges” and “could’ve at least gotten a lace in front.”

The remarks created controversy between those who criticized her and others who defended her. Finally, Biles addressed the bullies who had criticized her wedding haircut.

She commented in a remark that “I think they also forget I live in HOUSTON TEXAS & I sweat those out!! soon as we stepped outside for pics. But they can keep complaining idc idc idc.”

She posted her statement as a reply to a compassionate admirer who supported her, noting that there were so many things to praise in Biles’ life, yet naysayers chose to criticize her for her hair. Many more agreed with the nice fan and advised Biles not to concentrate on the trolls.

The Owens have not stated a certain date for their wedding. However, Biles intimated that it would happen in a few weeks, which is why they chose to hasten their wedding in the United States.

Unlike her $120 gown, Biles had been planning her wedding for months. Galia Lahav, an Israeli designer, created two outfits for her. As if that wasn’t enough, the gymnast stated she’d be wearing four outfits for her destination wedding.

Growing up under great pressure as one of the country’s top gymnasts hasn’t been easy for Biles. Biles was born on March 14, 1997, in Ohio, to a mother who suffered from drug addiction and a dad who abandoned them when she was a child.

Biles and her three siblings were often left without sufficient care and nourishment for most of their early lives. They were often hungry since her mother preferred to feed a stray cat in their house rather than her kids.

Because Biles’ biological mother was unable to care for her kids, their neighbors alerted social services to the concerning scenario. The Biles siblings were best put into foster care, according to social workers.

She don’t remember a lot about foster care, she said at one point. Biles’ only fear was being apart from her siblings.

They were first housed together. She’d go to her elder brother’s room to check on him, afraid that someone would kidnap him and he’d be gone by dawn.

Sadly, Biles was forced to live apart from her elder siblings. Biles and her sister Adria relocated to Texas when they were six years old after their grandparents, Nellie and Ron Biles, chose to adopt them. Biles refers to Nellie and Ron as “Mom and Dad.”

Ashley and Tevin Biles, Biles’ two elder siblings, were adopted by their great-aunt in Ohio. Having been through so much as a youngster, Biles was determined to climb beyond her circumstances.

She began gymnastics and made several sacrifices in order to become a professional athlete. She dropped out of public school at 14 and chose homeschooling to concentrate on her athletics.

Biles has been a standout gymnast since she began competing. While she felt like a typical youngster participating in a sport she enjoyed, everyone else could see her ability and expertise.

Biles also did not go to prom or school activities, which are traditional adolescent milestones. Her passion for gymnastics, on the other hand, kept her going.

Biles made her mark on the world stage in 2016 when she won four gold medals at the Rio Olympics. She also won bronze in the balancing beam.

But immediately after the Olympics, Russian hackers said Biles used prescription medication on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s prohibited medicines list. She promptly defended herself, claiming that she had been taking the prescription for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) since she was a youngster.

Biles revealed two years later as one of several survivors victimized by USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar. Over 330 women and girls have accused Nassar of sexual abuse.

It was difficult for Biles to confess what Nassar had done to her. Whenever her mother, Nellie, inquired about it, she would deny it and get enraged.

But while driving one day, Biles became aware of the abuse and broke down. She was on the phone with Nellie, sobbing uncontrollably, and her mother understood exactly why.

Biles got public about her condition after ultimately embracing it. She posted a long statement on social media about her personal experience with Nassar’s assault, and individuals rallied behind her to achieve justice for herself and hundreds of other USA Gymnastics girls.

In an interview, she stepped out to blame USA Gymnastics for the torture of hundreds of young women by Nassar. She stated: “You literally only had one job, and you couldn’t protect us.”

Her mental health suffered as a result of the stress she faced, prompting her to retire from gymnastics despite her great track record. She hoped to become the first American woman in any sport to win five gold medals in a single Olympics at the Tokyo Olympics, but fell short.

Biles had stepped off the mat twice by accident on the first day of competition, which was atypical of the seasoned athlete. Despite a shaky start, she advanced to the finals.

Biles said that she didn’t feel like herself at the Games since her parents weren’t there to support her. They had always been there throughout her most important contests, and not seeing them in the audience made her nervous.

Biles elected to forego her planned Amanar vault in favour of a more controllable one mid-air at the start of the team final, although she struggled with the landing. Biles confirmed her withdrawal from the team final at the conclusion of the game due to medical issues.

The gymnast also failed to qualify for the finals of the individual all-around, vault, and uneven bars. She then said that she withdrew to safeguard her mental health.

She had planned to make her final appearance at the Tokyo Olympics, but Cecile and Lauren Landi, her French instructors, encouraged her to consider competing at the 2024 Paris Games.

Whether or not Biles decides to compete professionally in the future, she has had a remarkable career. She has 7 Olympic medals and 25 World Championship medals at the age of 26.

Her accomplishments are comparable to those of Larisa Latynina of the Soviet Union; however, Biles has more gold medals in total. She also shares the title of most successful American gymnast at the Olympics with Shannon Miller, although Biles has four gold medals to Miller’s two.

Months after the Tokyo Olympics, Biles broke down in tears over her hardships in the gym. She acknowledged to experiencing mental barriers, which terrified her.

Those mental obstacles were visible in her performance in the Tokyo Olympics, when she was unable to accomplish what she had been practicing. Biles stated she was hesitant to do her routine because she was worried about being harmed due to her regular mental obstacles.

Throughout it all, Biles thanks her family and now-husband for assisting her in coping with all of the recent problems she’s faced. She can push herself to be the best she can be with his help, and her coaches notice it.

Biles has not retired from competition, although she has not competed since the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in order to focus on her mental health. Fans will have to wait a little longer to find out what her next step will be since Biles is presently enjoying a new chapter in her life as a newlywed bride.

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