Single Dad’s Card Repeatedly Gets Declined Then Woman Behind Blurts Out Loudly Making Him Cry.

Call it divine motivation, call it a craving to help, call it what you will, however how Sara Fleming helped one single parent had enduring implications for her as well with respect to the dad being referred to. By the day’s end, what made a difference was that when Fleming saw somebody in need she got down to action amazingly.

Sara Fleming was shopping at her neighbourhood grocery store over the holidays one year when it all happened. She described how it all began as she waited in line to check out in a Facebook post.

A single father and his two children stood in front of her. His amount, $94.10, was rung up by the cashier. Disappointed, the father discovered he couldn’t afford it because his credit card had been denied.

Fleming wrote on Facebook that she stood there watching as the man in front of her asked to set something aside. Time and time again he continued to swipe his card but declined every time. 


The dad remained there with his two youngsters, shame composed all over. It was hard to the point of accommodating a family, however to have something like this occur during special times of year probably been terrible.

As Fleming remained there, watching dispirited, she felt a pull in her heart. Something was advising her to help this dad out in his period of scarcity. In her words, “Then suddenly, I felt it. It was like a gentle shove on the back and a mild electric shock to my heart. ‘Pay for these groceries.”

Fleming, a devout Christian, was initially apprehensive. She didn’t want to disgrace her father any more, but the voice continued to bother her. “That little voice rang out once more. Another push. This time I’m more powerful. ‘I’ve got it,’ I exclaimed loudly as sweat poured down my cheeks.”

The father turned to see who was giving assistance, not believing his ears. Then, at that point, as the acknowledgment hit him, tears gushed in his eyes.

“I’m not sure how to express my gratitude. I’m a single father. He remarked to Fleming, still in astonishment, “It’s so hard.”

She consoled him that it was OK and that she needed to help. Telling it was how God needed her to treat, cried with regards to it in the car, appreciative that God had permitted her to help somebody out of luck.

Months after the fact, as Fleming sat in church, she saw something that stunned her. Sitting toward the finish of her seat was the dad and his two kids. She had not let them know where she went to chapel, or even that she was a Christian, at this point some way or another, here they were.She had not let them know where she went to chapel, or even that she was a Christian, at this point some way or another, here they were. Yet again crying to herself, Fleming said thanks to God for confiding in her with the amazing chance to take care of the dad. Furthermore she realised it wasn’t necessary to focus on her, however just about making the best choice.

In a period of strife and division, it is significant all of the time to hold each other up. We can’t continuously be our best constantly, yet with the assistance of others, we can transcend our present issues.

Share this positive story of kindness, compassion and love. I believe if we all do our bit of goodness we can make our world a beautiful and a happy place.

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