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Single Mom Thanks A ‘Layaway Angel’ For Paying Off Her Christmas Gifts For Her Kids.

A generous couple paid off the items of a single mom in Colorado who put things on shop layaway.

Lisa, a Burlington client who requested that her last name not be used, was overjoyed when she discovered of the generous deed.

She truly appreciates that, and wishes to thank whomever went out there and did it, Lisa expressed.

The parent, who has partial paralysis, claimed she was about to cancel the clothing and gifts she had saved for her kids.

It’s not easy these days, from food to electricity to gas money, she stated.

Dolores Miramontes, a customer service supervisor in Burlington, states that a couple in their mid-20s entered the shop last week and paid off roughly $500 in layaway products, even those belonging to Lisa. They asked to remain anonymous.

They were looking for products that had been on layaway for a long time, she recalls. The man claimed that he wanted to do something kind for the Christmas season.

Miramontes had the pleasure of phoning consumers to inform them that their balance had been reduced to zero.

Then, on December 14, another angel, according to Miramontes, swooped inside the business.

An elderly woman who heard what occurred paid up roughly $200 of layaway and went on her way, she claims.

The business has a 30-day layaway plan available, and the deadline for paying off holiday goods is December 18.

Miramontes expresses her gratitude to her lucky clients, saying it was extremely lovely to realize that individuals had good hearts.

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