Sister Donates Bone Marrow To Her Baby Brother.

This past July, Colton Land was born, and he was the perfect, healthy baby. But just a week later, some newborn screening results came back and they showed a very different story.

Colton had a rare disease that most people know as the “bubble boy disease.” In medical language, it’s called Severe Combine Immunodeficiency, and it basically means that the one who has it has no immune system and their bodies cannot fight off any infections. So they have to be completely isolated, often in a bubble-like contraption.

That was quite a blow to the entire family, causing mom Kayla to quit her job and daughters Krissy and Khloe being taken out of school to be home-schooled. Nobody wanted to take any chances in bringing home anything that could hurt little Colton. The doctors told Kayla and her husband that the only way Colton’s disease could be stopped was to have a bone marrow transplant. So testing began among the family members, as any one of them would be the most likely to be a match for the baby.

A couple of weeks later, the results were in. And there was a single match among them. It was one of the daughters… the youngest one, Khloe, who is only 4 years old.

Says mom Kayla: “My husband and I were hoping it was our older daughter because she understood and she wanted to be the one to help her little brother.”

But Khloe actually understood it as well, and she would often cuddle up to the little boy and tell him, “I’m going to save your life.” Admittedly, Khloe was a little scared about the procedure after it was explained to her. She even broke down and cried when it sunk into her. But she was bound and determined to do whatever it took to help her little brother get through things… and survive.

So the procedure was done, and Khloe was able to leave the hospital the very same day. Colton was kept there for a month to make sure the new cells in his system took. They did, and his family was able to take him back home.

Says Kayla: “Doctors have told us that around one year after transplant he can live a normal life as a kid and be out playing in the dirt and being with other kids.”

Because of hefty medical bills, a GoFundMe campaign was started to help with the family’s financial issues. But despite all that, Khole is being treated as the hero she is for helping to save her little brother’s life.

It’s possibly one story she can hold over him for years and years as they grow older together. And he’ll surely enjoy hearing the story each and every time.

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