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Six Month Old Baby Girl Found Eaten Alive After Mom Left Her Unattended (Photos)

Kamiko Dao Tsuda-Saelee died in Las Vegas, Nevada, after being attacked by the family dog. Tsuda-Saelee, who was just 6 months old, was playing in her walker at home when her family’s pet pit bull bit the defenseless child.

Layla Tsuda, Tsuda-mother, Saelee’s, was ultimately able to halt the onslaught, but it was too late to rescue precious little Kamiko Dao Tsuda-Saelee. The infant girl died from blunt force injuries to the skull after being brought to a local hospital shortly after the mauling.

The devastated mom went to the toilet for a minute and returned to see the dog mauling her child. She has no words to express her anguish, Tsuda, a native of Hawaii, said in a statement. Mana, their family’s dog, had been with them for nine years and had never attacked anybody. Mana has always been an excellent family pet, according to Tsuda.

After the tragic attack, Clark County Animal Control arrested Mana and killed him the next day. The owner surrendered the dog to the county, which said so in a statement. A dog that has attacked and murdered a human would not be permitted to be adopted. At this terrible moment, their thoughts are with the bereaved family. Nevertheless, authorities stated that the assault looked to be a terrible accident and that no charges would be filed against the family.

After hearing what happened to little Kamiko Dao Tsuda-Saelee, this account of the pit bull’s personality does little to assuage fears that a trusted family pet of nearly a decade may still climb into your lap and bite your face off—or worse, injure or kill your baby when you simply walked away for a moment to use the restroom.

Certain dog breeds are just more aggressive than others, making them less suitable for use around youngsters. Pit bulls are often in the headlines for attacking humans, even their owners. Have you ever heard of golden retrievers and Jack Russell terriers mauling somebody to death? Layla Tsuda trusted Mana around her daughter since the pit bull had always been a “nice family pet” in the past. But even if an animal has been good for a long time, its instincts could take over and cause permanent damage.

Pit bulls are no more worthy of a “better life” than our kids. They should not be favored above newborns solely because animal advocates refuse to acknowledge the breed’s risks. Indeed, a pit bull may be a nice pet—until it isn’t, as Layla Tsuda discovered in the most terrible manner conceivable. It was too late by then to make a new choice, and she lost both her beloved family pet and her baby since she persisted on having a breed that so many others have cautioned is just not safe.

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