Social Media Buzz! Amber Heard’s ‘My Dog Stepped On A Bee’ Quote Ridiculed On TikTok

Amber Heard testified last week in her trial against Johnny Depp about a dispute she had with her ex-husband, and while reliving the event, she revealed a few extremely strange facts from that day.

The actress, 36, reveals in a video clip that she was unhappy at the time because “her dog trod on a bee.” Following her remarks, she winced severely in her seat, which made numerous courtroom spectators laugh considering the gravity of the circumstance.

The film of her comment quickly went popular on social media, with individuals combining her words with their own rhyming phrases. One TikTok upload, for example, follows the Heard video with a man saying, “My dad needs to pee,” which is trailed by a lady adding, “My mother is trapped in a tree.”

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A TikTok search for “#mydogsteppedonabee” finds that different variations of the trend have been seen over 27 million times. One popular post, with over 2 million views, follows up Heard’s comment with a video of an animated bumble bee who says, “Amber’s making falsehoods about me.”

The trial of Heard and Depp has been halted this week because the judge is attending a previously arranged conference. Things should continue on Monday, May 16.

Since the trial began on Monday, April 11, there has been more public support for Depp, which a body language expert predicted since the actress isn’t “coming across well” in court.

Dr. Louise Mahler noted that Heard’s “monotone” voice and allegedly “fabricated” facial gestures were bothering viewers, despite the fact that the Pirates of the Caribbean star was also portraying “a role.”

He has, however, remained consistent in his movement and expressions, which fosters “trust” among onlookers. Mahler said his actions in court are a believable performance. However, it is a genuine performance? Nobody knows. But that’s exactly how their performances come through.

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