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Soldier Dies In Afghanistan, Wife Opens His Laptop After Funeral And Finds Hidden File.

When 26-year-old US Army First Lieutenant Todd Weaver of Hampton, Virginia, was murdered by an IED during his second tour in Afghanistan, he left behind his adoring wife Emma and a newborn daughter called Kiley, who would be too young to know her loving father. Todd was aware that this outcome was a possibility; therefore, he took action before his death. His wife, on the other hand, didn’t find out until days after his burial.

Emma got her husband’s laptop, which he had used throughout his deployment, along with his remains. Emma, bereaved and burdened with the task of burying her husband, didn’t have a chance to look at the gadget until two days after Todd’s burial.

Following the return of the distinguished officer’s corpse, a memorial ceremony was organized so that friends and family could pay their respects. Rather than flowers, loved ones were encouraged to make a donation to the Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund. Emma eventually unlocked Todd’s laptop in Afghanistan two days later. That’s when she saw something that caused her to freeze.

Emma must have been heartbroken when she discovered that her wonderful husband and the dad of her child had perished in an explosion in Afghanistan. The cruel realization that she would never be able to say goodbye must have been excruciating for the young widow. Todd, on the other hand, had left something for his wife and baby daughter in the case of his death, and it had been sitting there on his computer the whole time.

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing, yet there were two Word documents on the computer’s desktop right in front of her. One was labeled “Dear Emma,” and the other “Dear Kiley.” Right away, Emma realized that her husband had left a message for her and their daughter if he did not return home alive. Emma started reading her husband’s farewell letters.

Todd had not only expressed his feelings to his wife, but he had also written an incredible and encouraging letter to his small daughter. Although reading his words stung, it was clear that they were selected to offer Emma and Kiley strength after he was gone. Todd’s second letter was for Kiley, who was just 9 months old at the time.

Todd Weaver’s letters to each of the key females in his brief life were emotional, but powerful, demonstrating his courage while he served, knowing he would end up giving the ultimate sacrifice for his nation. Emma noted in her online journal, A Day in the Life, that the words were “so hard” to read, but they gave her serenity and strength.

Emma wrote that she couldn’t imagine being at war and witnessing what he did every day, then having the strength to write goodbye letters to the people one care about. He was so strong, adding that Todd’s remarks had given her bravery to face each day with the same spirit he would have had.

She had the lettering placed on images to remember his words of encouragement. Her letter was put over the couple’s wedding photo, while tiny Kiley’s is shown beside a photo of her with her father reading to her when she was around a week old.

Both letters are prominently posted on Emma’s home’s wall. Emma expressed that although they are private letters, she has long and hard thought about how important they are and their value in conveying the depth of wisdom Todd had for being 26 years old at the time of his death.

Even those who oppose military action should honor and pay homage to those who defend us and sacrifice their lives when duty demands it. Lieutenant Todd Weaver was among those brave warriors. He died while commanding a squad to preserve his nation, and his courage was not only unparalleled but also incomprehensible to many.

Most people cannot comprehend fighting a war and writing about what he did to his wife and kids when he was just 26 years old. Not only was he courageous, but he understood something that many people don’t realize until it’s too late: never put off telling your loved ones how you feel because you never know when you’ll have the opportunity again.

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