Son Compliments His Father On How He Dealt With The Server.

Source: Reddit

My (54M) son (17) and I went to a fast food place today and ordered some food. The wait was a bit long and the order wasn’t quite right. The wait didn’t bother me (hey, more time with the kid is always a plus) and when I politely pointed out the error in the order, the girl was very apologetic and said she would fix it right away.

I told her no problem, happy to wait, and did what I could to ensure she knew I had a friendly smile under my mask. Once the order was fixed, I thanked her and we left.

As we got in the car, my son complimented me on how I treated the server. I thanked him for noticing and told him “it takes so little effort to be nice.” He agreed, we drove home in companionable silence, and enjoyed our food.

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