Son Finally Wakes Up After A Decade In Coma All Thanks To His Mom.

12 years ago in China, Wang Shubao was in a horrible car crash. It was so bad, that it left him in a coma for all of those 12 years. Until recently, when he came out of that coma. And there, right by his side, was the woman who had never left him during all that time…. his mother.

She had been there every day and night for those 12 years, and when he finally awoke, she was there… tears streaming down her face seeing that her son… was back, although he still cannot speak.

75-year-old Wei Mingying had spent her entire life savings on her son’s medical care, and she was more than $23,000 in debt when he came out of the coma. There was no time when she thought about leaving him all alone.

During one period, she had no money at all and did not eat anything for a month. She merely survived on water. But even with that, she would bathe her son and massage him so he would not get bedsores. No… she never gave up on him, though many others had. And for HER, it was all worth it.

Says the mother: “I am just overjoyed. I hope he will make a full recovery. I will never give up on him. I hope he can call me mom again one day.”

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