Son Wants His Widow Mother To Marry Again So He Could Have A Dad.

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I (27f) lost my husband in January 2022 while I was pregnant with our youngest. I’ve got three kids ages 6y, 3y, and 4mo.

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Both sets of grandparents help out a lot and I am very grateful for that. However since I had the youngest (my only daughter) my parents have been pressuring me to date. I’m not ready for that yet.

They’ve set me up for blind dates without talking to me. They’ve invited these people over without telling me. The list goes on. This I handled.

However when I picked up my kids from my parents house yesterday my oldest asked me why I don’t want to give them another dad. That grandma had told him that I didn’t care about them having a dad. I explained as best as I could that I wasn’t ready and I wanted to be sure they were ready as well.

After I got them into bed I called my parents. I told them that they were way out of line bringing my kids into it and that they won’t be visiting for a while.

I’ve been getting messages nonstop from my parents, aunts, and uncles that they only want what’s best for me. Now I’m wondering if I took it too far. Way too close to this. So am I the a**h**e?

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