Son Wants To Repay Mother’s Money With Interest But His Wife Is Opposing It.

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Back about 3 months ago I lost my job as an RN following a gym accident that left me partially paralyzed in my left leg. I had to go through PT but it wasn’t super severe by any means and I regained most mobility by last month. I’m still in PT however because there are simply certain things I cannot do (like bend the leg without me guiding it with my hands). So it looks like I’m walking with a peg leg, basically.

During this time my MIL sent my husband like $600. We did not ask her for the money but she knew we were pretty hard up at that time because my insurance does not cover all of PT and it was rather expensive so our savings was going away at an alarming rate. Also during this time my MIL made me feel like absolute sh%t because she kept making comments about how broke she was and kept saying “well if I hadn’t helped you guys out”, stuff like that.

I often reminded her that we did not ask for help. She tried sending us more money shortly thereafter and I refused to accept it because I wasn’t about to have that sh%t dangling over my head; just like my own scum family had done for years. I hate the whole “you wouldn’t have that if it weren’t for me” bulls**t. It’s the reason I refuse most help.

Thankfully I was able to start a new job from home about a month back and we were able to start coming up with money to pay MIL back. Well, my husband went to his mothers yesterday to give her a portion of the money we owed and when he returned he started talking about wanting to give his mom like $400 extra. I asked why and he mumbled some excuse of “well she didn’t have to help us”. I told him I wasn’t about to do that because $400 is literally like 34 hours of work, close to an entire paycheck of mine.

Well, to sum it up, he later admitted that his mother had said that she deserves interest on the loan since it took us so long to pay it back and she “almost went broke” trying to help us. Generally she is NOT a money hungry person or even this ignorant if I’m being honest but I’m still not willing to do it. I said absolutely not and if he plans to start paying her back interest (especially where he has been doing other things for her on top of this, like redoing her porch, painting her house, burning brush, mowing her 6 acre lot, etc) than I would be rethinking my options and potentially pulling my money from the shared account because I’m not going to be funding his mother extra money on a loan we didn’t ask for and it’s now going to be cutting in to my paychecks/bill money. He kept arguing “she didn’t have to help”, so I snapped and said “I didn’t ask for her f***ing help and I said no!” I was calm prior to this. He says I’m an AH for losing my cool over money and that I’m acting selfish because, again, she didn’t have to help. Am I A Jerk? What are your opinions? Did I over react? 

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