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Sophia Grace, a former ‘Ellen’ star, justifies being pregnant at the age of 19.

In case you missed one of the year’s most significant announcements, former Ellen star Sophia Grace (of Sophia Grace and Rosie fame, of course) confirmed last week that she was five months pregnant.

While we’re still trying to process the reality that this adolescent we’ve been watching grow up is soon to become a MOM, some have opted to humiliate the 19-year-old’s decision. 

Sophia Grace is now speaking out for herself.

Ellen inviting Sophia Grace and Rosie onto her program in 2011 has to be one of the most famous 21st-century pop culture events.

As you may recollect, 5-year-old Rosie and 8-year-old Sophia Grace were cousins from Essex who went viral following their rendition of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass.”

They became an immediate phenomenon and even worked as red carpet ambassadors for the talk show host.

The girls remained to visit over the years, and even made one final appearance on the Ellen Show stage in May to celebrate the show’s end.

Sophia Grace declared on her YouTube account on Sunday that she was 5 months pregnant.

The 19-year-old stated she was surprised when she learned she was pregnant, but she is now “very really delighted.”

She revealed that she knows the gender of her kid but would not tell it any time soon.

Fans couldn’t comprehend how mature they looked!

While millions of followers backed the girl, some had harsh words for the young mother-to-be.

“Wow, she’s just 19 years old and has a child when she’s still a youngster.”

She is not an adult just because she is beyond the age of 18. Yes, she may purchase smokes, but that is all. She isn’t mature for her age. Most ladies wait to have children in order to be secure and have a fantastic supporting partner (father) “One critic said on the singer’s Instagram page.

“So disgusting, she’s pregnant. Isn’t she still a child?” another reviewer stated.

“Are you insane? You can’t have a child if you are one,” another person said.

The “Ellen” star is now being pushed to justify her pregnancy.

Normally, most folks say- One should have babies when one is 30 and married and live in one’s own house, which is absolutely acceptable, she explained.

Clearly, everyone’s going to have different ideas, she noted, before assuring everybody that this is no one else’s concern.

The youngster has opted to keep the identity of the dad confidential for the time being.

Since she has always been in the spotlight, she remarked, she feels like she wants something simply for herself.

She would be perfectly glad to share him, and would be fully happy for him to be in her videos, but she feels like they could do that when he’s secure enough to be in them. It’ll be a lot of fun, she said.

Fortunately, Sophia Grace clearly has the backing of her cousin, Rosie. Rosie posted a nice comment to the mama-to-be in response to a picture of the couple cuddling.

Sophia informed her she was pregnant in this shot (as one can see she is crying) Congratulations on the news of her lovely cousin Sophia’s pregnancy. To say Roise is excited is an understatement; she can’t wait to share this exciting new phase with her and be by her side as she becomes the finest mother ever.

We are overjoyed for you, Sophia Grace.

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