Special Need Kid Receives “A Present” From Classmates He’d NEVER FORGET.

J.R. Gilbert is a special needs student at Somerset High School in Kentucky. For quite awhile, he had been wearing his grandfather’s size 10 and a half boots to school, because his grandfather, who could not wear them anymore, meant so much to him.

That was actually quite a problem for J.R., because J.R. had size 13 feet. So, for Christmas, J.R.’s classmates pooled their money together and bought J.R. not one… but two pairs of very nice size 13 sneakers.

The youngster was brought to a classroom where the entire class had gathered, and there was a sign on a table that said, “Merry Christmas, J.R.” A few Christmas cards were given to J.R.

Then, one of his classmates, junior Roger Villigas, presented a wrapped box to J.R., saying: “It’s from all of us. Everybody here gave them to you.”

When he opened the wrapping paper, he yelled, “Wow! You got my favorite kind too!!” Then he opened the box and gasped, saying “Green… my favorite color!” He was thrilled and he held them up and showed them to his classmates. There were plenty of ooosss and ahhhhs. And he thanked his friends.

Then, Roger handed J.R. another wrapped package. He ripped it open to find another shoebox. And it was a pair of red Nike’s, that he held up and showed to his classmates as well, smiling all the while. They applauded him and they loved his great reactions to the gifts.

Then, the entire class wished him a very merry Christmas. And they all held up their hands and in unison yelled: “Family.”

And aren’t the holidays ALWAYS much better with family?

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