Star Hobson’s evil killer can’t leave her cell without ‘four to five guards’ to prevent attacks

A prisoner at HMP Styal has disclosed the extra precautions put in place to keep convicts from attacking child murderer Savannah Brockhill.

Brockhill, 29, is spending a minimum of 25 years in jail for murdering her girlfriend’s 16-month-old baby Star Hobson, while the girl’s mother, Frankie Smith, 20, was sentenced to eight years in prison for permitting her daughter’s death.

A female who was detained at the prison when Brockhill was thrown in described seeing the convicted killer surrounded by ‘four to five’ officers as she went out of her cell in Channel 5’s programme HMP Styal: Women Behind Bars last night.

This was done to keep other convicts from assaulting Brockhill while she was at Styal, where kid murders and pedophiles are separated from the rest of the prison population for their own safety.

According to the anonymous inmate, the former security guard would go around the jail with a “big grin” on her face.

The documentary captivated viewers, who remarked that several convicts appeared to require assistance rather than jail time.

They’ve all seen it on the news, but having the genuine person thrown into Styal,’ the inmate was heard saying in the documentary.

All were yelling and shouting at the windows.

However, they were all locked in at the moment she came in, so no one could get to her, she continued.

The same inmate claimed to have seen Brockhill wander around the jail wing.

But as time passed, she was permitted to wander around the jail, she explained.

But she was constantly surrounded by cops, like four or five officers, she explained.

She’d have a huge grin on her face. One does not do that to one’s child and then goes around the jail with a huge smile on their face, believing no one’s going to catch him/her, she continued.

Not sure how she can live with herself knowing she did that and yet walk around with a bright smile on her face.

Convicts who have murdered, injured, or mistreated kids are the most likely to be assaulted by other convicts, according to the documentary.

Anybody who comes into prison after murdering a kid is handled harshly. Former jail governor Veronica Bird described it as “the greatest crime that could be done.”

Another convict, who requested to remain anonymous, noted that many offenders who are unable to see their own kids may despise child killers.

There are many ladies in there who are unable to see their kids. Who has lost kids as a result of events?

And then they interact with women who have killed or raped children.  It’s not healthy, especially for women since they’re so protective as mothers and so on, she adds.

‘A woman currently who is there, they had a dead baby skeleton in their closet and they attempted to put her once in the house that I was in and she didn’t last half an hour, nobody would accept it,’ revealed another unknown inmate.

‘How can you have a baby skeleton in your closet?’

Veronica remembered how the jail was terrified that the famed Myra Hindley would be transported to Styal.

They were plotting what they would do to Myra, so they were watching her every day to make sure she didn’t enter Styal.

He think people find the murdering of a kid by their mom even more horrific, said crime novelist Geoffrey Wansell.

It’s the worst possible crime. They must be present to cherish and nurture their kids. And the idea that they chose to murder them is beyond comprehension, he continued.

The documentary captivated viewers, who remarked that several convicts appeared to require assistance rather than jail time.

‘How can the cops defend her after what she did to that little kid strolling about with a grin on her face,’ remarked one.

‘And we have ladies who have been trying for years to have a baby. ‘What a strange world we live in,’ remarked another.

‘This is quite depressing. Some of these ladies require assistance, not incarceration,’ remarked another.

Star Hobson’s murderous stepmother is also accused of telling fellow inmates that she had “buried three more infants.”

Former prisoner Amy Louise Cowan alleged in January that she overheard Brockhill boasting about killing three additional kids.

Cowan said she heard the comments while cleaning the wing of the jail where Brockhill is being held on New Year’s Day.

‘Savannah is cold and harsh,’ she claimed. ‘I never saw her weep.’

Cowan also stated that Brockhill was enraged by Smith’s punishment, adding “it’s not right.”

Bradford Crown Court heard accounts of Star’s severe injuries and the brutal treatment she received at the hands of Brockhill and Smith during her trial.

Star’s brief existence ended when Brockhill ‘punched, stamped on, or kicked’ her in the stomach as Smith left the living room to use the restroom, according to the court.

Star had a burst vein in her abdomen region as a result of the cruelty in September of last year.

According to Cowan, Brockill was known to speak to Star as “my girl,” adding that she missed her every day but would accuse her for making trouble with Smith on other days.

Smith was sentenced to only eight years in jail, with the possibility of being released in four, when a court lowered her sentence to account for the “weight” of knowing she had a key role in the murder of her 16-month-old daughter.

Star’s family earlier criticized the ‘staggeringly mild’ punishments and sought the Attorney General to examine the case under the too lenient sentencing method.

While Star Hobson’s mom was also informed that she is a “marked lady” after being placed on the lifers’ ward at HMP New Hall, which also houses renowned serial murderer Rose West.

Smith is said to be doing her term in a solitary cell with ‘lifers’ at the West Yorkshire restricted category jail.

She is thought to have a target on her back and is a possible target of an assault now that facts of Star’s death have been revealed at trial.

‘She’s a marked lady, and it won’t be long before someone gets to her,’ a source stated.

‘She’s on the lifers’ wing, so there are plenty of ladies with nothing to lose who will assault her for the cost of a few bars of chocolate or toiletries.’

Another individual said in a frightening internet post, ‘Leave her cell door open.’

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