Starbucks Barista Helps Teen With A Secret Message On Coffee Cup.

Caring is defined as a feeling of concern for another person and a desire to show them compassion.

A Starbucks barista has been praised for tracking down a subtle method for offering assistance to an adolescent. 

Brandy Roberson of Corpus Christi, Texas claims her 18-year-old girl was at a Starbucks alone when a stranger approached and started conversing with her. Seeing this – and not knowing whether the young lady felt compromised – a barista carried over a complimentary drink with a mystery note telling her how she could quietly flag for help.

‘Are you okay?’ read the note, written in marker on the cup’s side. ‘Do you want us to intervene? If you do, take the lid off the cup.’

Roberson explained that her girl, who went to Starbucks to study, didn’t completely accept that she was in any peril. She was studying alone at her table and this man stopped by and saw what she was considering and needed to converse with her with regards to it. She believes that he just became extremely loud and animated about it. 

The barista had come over with a cup, telling her it was ‘an extremely hot cocoa somebody neglected to get.’ She stated her little girl was alright and didn’t eliminate the cover, however she later expressed gratitude toward the barista for attempting to help and ensuring she was protected.

The adolescent returned home and informed her mother about the incident.

Roberson felt happy that the Starbucks representatives went out of their way to keep an eye on her. She thanked the team at Starbucks on Staples and SPID in Corpus Christi. That is the deepest worry as a mother: that something bad happens to his/her child and no one is there to assist. The mother is truly thankful for folks that watch out for others. 

Roberson was so moved that she posted a photo of the cup along with the story on Facebook. With over 90,000 likes, the post has gone viral. The greatest of mankind right there!!!’ one woman commented in the comments. And a man remarked, “Absolutely excellent. And it’s such a pity that we have to go through this. It’s really vital to look out for one other.” 

It’s great when people genuinely care for each other. Share this awesome story of humanity at its best. 

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