State Police Officer Moved To Tears After DWI Stop.

Drinking and driving are two independent activities that must not be done at the same time. It is an undeniable reality. People who drink and drive cause several problems and risks in their own lives as well as the lives of their loved ones.

Toby Lafave, a State Police Officer, was having a typical night.

Lafave detected a driver in a gold Cadilac swerving through traffic on Interstate 40 at 96 mph.

On the Unser off-ramp, the police pulled over the driver. He spotted a little girl unfastened in the front seat and questioned the driver about what she was thinking driving like that. The lady answered she was terrified.

Lafave then inquired as to why she was terrified, and she stated that it was due to the freeway. The police ordered Yvonne Ukestine to get out of the car, which she found difficult. Then she interrupted him as he was interrogating her. Lafave told Ukestine that he had been behind her for a little while.

She subsequently informed him that she had just returned from a concert. The woman could hardly stand on her own throughout the officer’s interrogation. She expressed concern to the police for her 6-year-old niece, who was still in the front seat. “I believe she’s terrified,” she remarked in a police video.

Official Lafave answered, “No doubt, I’m certain she is. I’d be apprehensive, particularly the manner in which you were driving. I’d be apprehensive, as well.”

He then proceeded to put Ukestine to the test, as he is accustomed to doing. Officer Lafave detained the lady after she failed numerous tests. He discovered strollers in the trunk of the car after placing her in his police unit. He was on the phone with somebody about picking up the small child when he became emotional.

He told the young lady he would get it, as she attempted to close the storage compartment of the vehicle.

He could barely converse on the phone at the time. He strolled back over to the vehicle and told another official that his heart hurt. The severity of the situation pushed him to tears, and as he walked back to his patrol car, he muttered that God, it crushes his heart.

According to court records, Ukestine agreed to a plea agreement on the DWI allegation. She was also accused with child abuse, but that case was dismissed.

Thanks to the cop who was vigilant and saved the woman and child from a terrible tragedy. 

Watch the video and share this to bring awareness on not drinking and driving. Each one’s life matters.

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