Stay-At-Home Mom Goes Viral With 2.1M Likes For Showing What She Does All Day After BF Blames Her For Doing Nothing.

Parenting is regarded to be one of the most fulfilling experiences a person can have. However, it also brings with it a slew of new duties, worries, and obstacles. Parents will need time and patience to go through it all. Taking care of children necessitates devoting all of your time and attention to them, which may be equivalent to working without a set schedule because they will want your attention 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Despite the fact that we may believe that everyone realises how difficult it is to raise a child, some individuals in society believe that stay-at-home parents accomplish nothing. In this story is a homemaker who shares her battles of bringing up her child and how overlooked she feels. People do not consider this to be a job because it does not pay much. Despite the fact that parents are responsible for developing a decent, helpful, and honest member of society, others argue that these parents (mostly moms) just sit at home and do nothing useful. We can all agree that other people’s opinions aren’t important, but what should you do if someone in your immediate circle feels the same way? 

A TikTok user @sierra_not_ciara who is a mother of two little children revealed what she does during the day. After her partner informed her that she didn’t do anything all day while he worked, she decided to produce this video. With 10.7 million views, the video became viral. She demonstrated how she completes her tasks, cares for her children, and maintains her home in her video. She recorded herself continually focusing on two little children, cleaning, scrubbing, and mopping whenever she had a spare moment.In the video, she continually goes around the house dealing with her children and ensuring that the house is spotless.

She says at the conclusion of her video that after she’s through with everything, she emails her partner to see what he wants for dinner because it’s already evening, but this time she took some time for herself and made herself a drink. Finally, she expressed her dissatisfaction with men who do not respect their wives for everything they accomplish in their lives.

The video’s comments were disabled, but the TikToker eventually responded to the issue by sharing two additional videos with her sweetheart. According to reports, the man received some abusive remarks in response to the scenario. So Sierra requested everybody to stop since she was making the video after a quarrel with her boyfriend, and this was how she wanted to communicate her wounded sentiments. They clarified the matter in the video and demonstrated that they are on good terms.

Based on what we know so far about housewives and fathers, it appears that more discussion, and discovery of one other’s needs is required. People can only comprehend that they are not alone, receive the care and support they require, and overcome prejudices via communication.

What is your perspective on this issue? Please share your ideas and experiences!

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